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Lunch and/or Afternoon Activity

Sunday | 11/03/19 | 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Thank you for your interest in hosting an afternoon meal or activity for our families! Attached to the right is our application. Please email this to as soon as possible after signing up for your event.

If you're interested in serving a meal:
- Please include the menu on the application.
- Lunch may begin at 12pm.
- Plan to feed between 100-125 people.
- All food must be prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen, or in our catering kitchen, Ali's Grill. You may also cater in food.

If you're interested in hosting an activity
- Please include any details, such as movie choice, specific crafts, etc.
- Afternoon activities can start at 2pm or 3pm.

In general:
- Include your start time on the application.
- The minimum age to volunteer with a group is 14 years old, and at least one adult must be present.